Internet of Things


Internet of Things

Provlab provides Enterprise Solutions, Consumer Applications, and integration. From standalone mobile applications or apps, our integration solutions allow our customers to manage their businesses remotely through various devices across popular platforms.


provlab provides the following services:
  • Technology Consulting
  • Development, Deployment and Maintenance of solutions
  • Native Platforms, multiple technology platforms or even cross platforms
  • Embedded technologies
  • Open Source and collaborative business models

Automobile Industry

Provlab OBD systems extract data from a car and display important user defined information on mobile and even emails the same to the technician for further technical analysis. Our systems help mechanics repair cars with specific part-based repair instructions. These and several other systems are also connected through Apple's iOS Car Play platform and Google Android's Android Auto platform.

Healthcare Industry

provlab applications and systems for integrated health devices help the user connect to remotely located doctors and help health care providers get real time information about a patient's health.

Manufacturing Industry

Provlab's shop floor production application intelligently tracks various types of inventory, and generates alerts via email and SMS in response to inventory levels and orders.