Application Engineering


Application Engineering

At Provlab we believe there is no one way to solve a problem or design a platform. Therefore, our approach is to analyze the situation and determine the best course of action with our clients. We offer two types of custom development models: SDLC and Collaborative.

Custom Application Development:

Provlab owns and handles the end-to-end responsibilities of analysis, design/creation, implementation, testing and integration of all systems and platforms

  • We conduct feasibility studies to analyze the situation and solutions according to our client’s business needs.
  • We evaluate ROI Analysis, POC Design, and evaluate the technical needs to create a cost-effective solution.
  • We design, develop, and implement solutions based on our business and technical knowledge/ expertise in conjunction with the current trends.
  • We integrate and consolidate systems that are scalable and innovative while maintaining a cost-effective approach.
  • We use the most up-to-date technology and trends to re-engineer and provide porting services so that our clients can expand to different audiences.
  • We strive to provide the most current application maintenance services to ensure that all business process and systems are streamlined, maximized, and organized.
  • Once services are implemented and running efficiently, Provlab assists in marketing and promoting applications through our SEO/SMM and SMO Services.
Provlab has extensive experience across the all industries in world. We help our clients set new standards of excellence.
Legacy Migration
  • We assess and plan services according to our client’s current and future needs.
  • We provide migration services using standard-based distribution architecture to modernize our client’s business.
  • With our Cloud Computing Consultants, we transfer Legacy Applications to a cloud based platform via Windows Azure Cloud and other cloud programs.
  • We provide automated migration of legacy databases to ensure a hassle-free migration to specified platforms.
  • Using our experience and expertise in microsoft sharePoint, we can successfully and cost effectively migrate data to moss 2010/2012.

Enterprise Development


We analyze and plan business goals and budgets to create an architecture to suite your needs and reduce

Design and Architecture

We aid in creating an architecture and design strategy for current and future applications

Development and Testing

Once in the development and testing phase, we provide solid support and services for successful implementation

Application Engineering Highlights

Provlab's goal is to revamp our client’s current email marketing system with a new and improved user experience and update legacy dashboards and programs.

  • Suggested and performed a detailed requirement analysis and knowledge transfer that helped in defining a proper execution and investment plan to undertake the project
  • Developed Proof of Concept extended to showcase few critical requirements Performed Competitor Analysis.
  • Enhanced and extended features in terms of scalability, proficiency and functionality. Extended existing functionality that includes Event Management, Patron management, Vendor management, User Management and Online integration.
  • Created multiple database (MS Access to MS SQL Server) as in the existing database.
  • Data access layer integration using third party ORM software.
  • Developed a data migration tool for automated data migration process.