Animation multimedia services


Animation Multimedia Services

At Provlab, we know how important it is to have the right animation multimedia service and solutions to manage a company’s day-to-day processes and improve performance for customers and employees alike.

Provlab works with domestic and international clients to create, develop, and run animation and multimedia projects for entertainment and education. Our experts partner with our clients from “script to screen” to deliver a high-quality product for specific needs. We provide support for 2D animation, eLearning, and motion comics.

Provlab has extensive experience across all industries, worldwide. We help our clients set new standards of excellence.


2D and 3D Animation

Provlab boasts a team of animation experts along with artists trained in animation art. Our goal is to take our client vision and bring it to life beyond their expectations.


In an effort to bring education alive for students, we work to develop animation and other services to incorporate with the desired information.

Motion Comics

With the use of animation and visual effects, we bring the traditional two-dimension form of comics to life. Our creative services allow comics to be interactive visually and audio.